About Us

Established in 2011 and with customers all over the world, Event 38 Unmanned Systems is a leading provider of easy to use drones, sensors and post-processing software. Our customers use their drones in diverse fields including Agriculture, Surveying, Construction, Mining and Environmental Conservation.

Our fixed wing aircraft offer an extended endurance capability for mapping dozens to thousands of acres. With a variety of payload options and customizable solutions available, our drones collect thermal, multispectral and high resolution imagery and with PPK can geotag the images to within a few centimeters.

Providing excellent customer support is very important to us. When you contact our helpful support team, a dedicated flight engineer is available to help you through every step of preparing, flying and analyzing your mission.

  • Full Solution Mapping Packages

    Event 38 specializes in mapping. We provide all the tools needed to create georeferenced orthomosaics, digital elevation models, NDVI analyses and more from under one roof. All of our drones, sensors and post-processing software are built with this one goal in mind.

  • Cost Effective

    By leveraging open source software, COTS hardware and volume production, we are able to provide our drones for less than our competitors while maintaining industry-leading capability.

  • Professional Grade

    Our drones cover up to 1000 acres per flight at 5cm resolution, take off and land autonomously, and can carry an assortment of sensor packages. Professionals in agriculture, surveying, mining, research and more are using our drones across the globe to manage and improve their operations.

  • Superior Support

    We pride ourselves on giving friendly, helpful and quick customer support. All your questions will be answered by a dedicated flight support engineer.