Fixed wing drones are ideal for longer missions, generally when the area to be mapped exceeds 100 acres or 40Ha. Our fixed wing drones are able to take off at elevations over 10,000 feet and can be controlled remotely up to 6 miles from the ground control station. Fixed wing drones are also ideal for carrying larger payloads such as high resolution DSLR cameras, LiDAR, gas and thermal sensors.

We offer two fixed wing drone aircraft, the E384 and E386.

The E384 is the best value mapping drone with the ability to cover thousands of acres per day. Its rugged simplicity makes it easy to repair in the field. The E384 also offers users a higher degree of customization for carrying different sensors or operating in extreme environments.


Frank Sedlar from Vela Aerial launching his E384 in Mali

The E386 is built for professionals who need a simple to use drone with reliable performance and easy launch/recovery procedures. The E386’s Active Aerobrake and Laser Landing Flare systems allow it to dive quickly and touch down gently on the ground. This allows the E386 to access smaller, more confined landing areas than the E384. The E386 automatically lands within a 65 by 25 meter landing zone.

   “I’ve used E384 for over 200,000 acres of survey in at least 8 countries.”

Chet Walker
Archaeo-Geophysical Associates, LLC

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Both aircraft offer a variety of options for upgrades and additional functionality. The E386 package includes everything you need to create high resolution orthomosaics and digital elevation models. The E386 comes with the following equipment as standard:

  • Customized Hard-Shell Carrying Case
  • Long Range Telemetry Radios
  • Starter Battery Pack (smaller, lighter battery which can be used for practicing hand-launches or for carrying larger payloads, 5.2 Amp-Hour)
  • Long Endurance Battery Pack (8.0 Amp-Hour)
  • Drone Data Management System™ 12 Month Professional Tier Subscription
    • Create georeferenced orthomosaics, DEMs, calculate vegetation indices and more out of the box!