Company Background 

Founded in 2011 and with customers all over the world, Event 38 designs and manufactures drones, (unmanned aerial systems), specialized optical sensors, and a Drone Data Management System™ for Construction, Environmental Conservation, Mining, Surveying and Precision Agriculture.

Our drones fly completely autonomously from takeoff to landing with our “Easy Button” software. Our drones have longer flight times, can carry larger payloads, have higher resolution sensors and cost 5-20 times less than our competitors.

We build, test and ship all of our drones from our factory in Akron, Ohio. You can buy our drones directly on our website or through a growing network of resellers around the world.
Our drone data analysis software (Drone Data Management System™), gives our customers a quick and easy way to securely store, process, and analyze huge amounts of data captured in each flight.

Providing excellent customer support is very important to us. When you contact our helpful support team, your questions are answered by helpful engineers who fly drones daily.

Our Market Focus

We build drones, optical sensors and drone data analysis software (Drone Data Management System™) for individuals, businesses and researchers.

Precision Agriculture

  • Tracking every plant in a farmer’s field (Corn and Soybeans)
  • Measuring crop height throughout the season
  • Quantifying chlorophyll activity to spot water and nutrient issues early
  • Mapping the spread and density of weeds
  • Identifying large scale trends


  • Mapping potential dam locations
  • Measuring quarry pile volumes
  • Measuring compaction in a landfill
  • Creating municipal planning maps


  • Mapping site clearance requirements and establishing baseline terrain for excavation
  • Tracking progress

Environmental conservation

  • Protecting sensitive fisheries by monitoring from above
  • Monitoring global warming in Alaskan glaciers


  • Measure pile and fill volumes
  • Track cut progress
  • Verify safety requirements (e.g. access road width)
  • Integrate imagery into current GIS workflow
And many others using our drones for research and niche applications
  • Searching for and then documenting archaeological sites
  • Pool installations
  • Documenting tornado damage

Our drones offer longer flight times, larger payloads, and higher resolution sensors, at half the cost of our competition. We fly completely autonomously from takeoff to landing with our “Easy Button” mission control software. The primary value to our customers is the data that is collected. Our data analysis software, currently in private beta, gives our users an easy way to store, process, and analyze the huge amounts of data captured in each flight. We are collaborating with leading universities, industry experts, and third party developers to create actionable information and deliver it in a timely, accurate, and meaningful way.

FAA Approved

Commercial use of drones in the US is currently prohibited without special approval from the FAA. In February, 2015, one of our customers was one of the very first to receive FAA approval through its “333 exemption” process to use our E384 Drone commercially for agriculture purposes. Since then many other customers have also received FAA approval for using Event 38 drones in construction, disaster response, environmental monitoring, forestry, precision agriculture and search and rescue. We have assisted our customers by providing information about our air frames, operations manuals, and other required information. We’d be happy to help you with your application. Please contact us anytime!

Technical Support & Our Commitment to Serving You
From our very first day in business, all the way back in 2011, we’ve been committed to provide the best possible support to our customers. We understand that many people have never flown a drone before. Which is why we’re always available to answer any questions before, during and after a purchase is made. We also have a very detailed and regularly updated Knowledge Base, which covers every aspect of our products operations. When you contact our support team, all your questions are answered by a helpful team member who flies drones every day.


What makes us different?

Key factors for commercial drone use are payload capacity, operator hands-on time (time in air/time between flights ratio), data handling and analysis and cost. We differentiate ourselves by providing high endurance, low cost, easy to use, payload agnostic options for small businesses. Our E384 fixed wing drone is a true workhorse. It has been proven in thousands of hours of flight in hundreds of applications to be reliable, safe, and economical to use. It can fly 1,000 acres in 100 minutes at 5cm resolution completely autonomously at a cost of pennies per acre. Our custom sensors have industry leading optical filters used in many applications. Most of our competitors’ drones cost 5-20 times more than ours, have shorter flight times, and carry smaller payloads. Once you compare features and costs, we are certain that you can’t go wrong by choosing our drones for your business applications. .

The E384 fixed wing drone is one of the leading drones in the world for Construction, Mining, Precision Agriculture and Surveying. It has been tested in thousands of hours of flight and has proven in hundreds of applications to be reliable, safe, and easy to use. The E384 can fly 1,000 acres in 100 minutes at 5cm resolution completely autonomously at a cost of pennies per acre.

  • Fully Autonomous

    Event 38 drones fly completely autonomously from takeoff to landing with “Easy Button” software.

  • Increased Quality

    Event 38 drones have longer flight times, can carry larger payloads and have higher resolution sensors.

  • Cost Effective

    Event 38 drones cost 5-20 times less.

  • Superior Support

    Event 38 provides world-class customer service, before, during and after every purchase. All your questions are answered by engineers who fly drones every day.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

CEO & Founder

Jeff has a technical as well as management background. Jeff has been fascinated by Flight and Space ever since he was a little kid. Right after graduating college, Jeff joined SpaceX as an electrical engineer where he helped launch and recover the first commercial space capsule to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. He was also previously the Director of Research and Develoment at 3D Robotics.

John Blair

John Blair


John has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of executive positions, including CEO assignments in startups, and Fortune 5 companies. He has started companies from scratch, participated in more than $11B in mergers/acquisitions, been through two IPOs and managed budgets in excess of $100M. He has a broad understanding of all facets of business management, in particular, executive management, finance, business development, marketing, product development, and operations.

Joe Douglas

Joe Douglas

Systems Engineer

Joe has been with Event 38 Unmanned Systems since 2013. Joe manages vehicle and subsystem development for the E384 and Iris+ Precision Mapping Drone. Joe has experience operating drones in tough conditions in 4 countries around the world and understands what it takes to run a successful mapping mission in any environment.

A Message From Our Founder

In 2011, I founded Event 38 from a small back room. I believed that individuals and businesses would be able to extract great value from aerial data collection and the new drone (UAS) technology allowed me to do it for a fraction of what it would cost from manned aircraft. I tested my early prototypes for six months and then launched a website. Within a week I had my first sale.

From there, we started to grow incredibly fast. We developed both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones, multiple camera options, and made significant hardware and software improvements over time. We had two initial goals:

1) offer cost effective, multipurpose, reliable, and durable drones and

2) make our drones easy to use by providing easy-to-use technology and providing the highest quality customer service.

Today our most popular fixed-wing drone, the E384 fixed wing UAS, costs 5-20 times less than our competitors, has an industry leading flight time of two hours, and can carry a 1 kilogram payload. The E384 can fly a 1,000 acre farm in a single flight and capture data at the 2 centimeter level. Customers have flown our UAS’s for thousands of hours all over the world.

Our incredibly talented engineering team has made many improvements to Mission Planner, our open source drone flight control system, to significantly shorten the time needed to get launched and fly a safe and successful flight.

Understanding the value of drones is in the data that’s collected, we recently launched our drone data analysis software (Drone Data Management System™), which is giving our customers a quick and easy way to securely store, process, and analyze huge amounts of data captured in each flight. Our sole focus in offering and constantly improving the Drone Data Management System™ is on providing robust information leading to increased ROI for our customers.

Providing the best customer service is incredibly important to us. Recent customer satisfaction surveys gave us a 4+ out of 5 rating. So we believe we are on the right track but understand there is always more we can do to improve.

-Jeff Taylor, Event 38 Founder

If you ever have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re always happy to answer any questions and really enjoy hearing from our customers!