Announcing the E455 VTOL

Event 38 Unmanned Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its latest aircraft model, the E455. Building on the success of previous models, the E455 establishes itself as a premier fixed wing, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone.

At 55lbs, the E455 offers a 2-hour flight endurance on battery power alone. The E455 is designed to carry a diverse range of payloads, including mapping sensors, LiDAR, and EO/IR surveillance sensors, meeting the demands of various applications while remaining under the 55lb Part 107 limit. Where allowed, the E455 can fly at gross weights up to 65lbs, allowing even more versatility in payload selection.

One of the E455’s key features is its open protocol payload bay. This design allows for the seamless integration of custom payloads, giving users access to less common sensors and an upgrade path as new sensors are developed.

Designed and manufactured by Event 38 in the USA, the E455 underscores the company’s commitment to expanding the envelope of performance and flexibility available to drone operators.

Jeff Taylor, the founder of Event 38, shared his thoughts on the new release: “The E455 represents our dedication to meeting the most ambitious needs of our clients. With its diverse payload capabilities and open protocol design, we believe the E455 will become an essential tool for professionals in multiple sectors.”

The new E455 is available now, contact Event 38 to learn more. For more information, please visit