The E386 Mapping Drone

The E386 is one of the leading drones in the world for Agriculture, Surveying, Construction, Mining and Conservation applications.

The E386 has been proven through thousands of hours of flight from hot and humid jungles to freezing mountains above 13,000 feet. It can fly 700 acres in 75 minutes at 5cm resolution completely autonomously. The E386 integrates seamlessly with our Drone Data Management System­™ to create sophisticated analytics from your flight data. The E386/DDMS™ combination gives businesses accurate and timely solutions to better run their organizations.

This package is customizable depending on your application. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and we’ll walk you through the options and special considerations for your project. Each E386 is flight tested, and a dedicated support engineer is available to help you get set up and flying.