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E384-LR Adds Two New Custom Software Features

All new E384-LR Aircraft will now feature the addition of two new features designed to make them even more reliable and consistent for mapping large areas.

Wind Resist – Automatically optimizes flight speed to balance efficiency and ground coverage when headwinds reduce forward progress. Speeds up progress on windy days and improves the area that can be covered in each flight. Also improves safety for flying at high altitudes or in windy areas where wind speed may overcome the standard E384’s max cruise speed.

Terrain Follow – Loads in terrain altitude from global SRTM data or can accept custom DEMs. Automatically follows the terrain of the land to ensure a consistent ground sampling distance and to avoid crashing into hills or mountains.

These features will ship on all new E384-LR aircraft ordered from Event 38. Upgrades to existing E384-LR’s are possible with factory testing and refurbishment. Please contact us for more information.