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Event 38 Unmanned Systems Introduces 360 Degree Camera Integration on Latest E400 ISR Drone

(Richfield, Ohio) – April 3rd, 2024 – Event 38 Unmanned Systems, a leading manufacturer of American-made VTOL fixed-wing drones, is pleased to announce the integration of a 360-degree camera option on its flagship E400 fixed-wing VTOL ISR drone.

Partnering with NextVision, a renowned provider of stabilized cameras and accessories for commercial and industrial applications, Event 38 now offers a range of EO/IR Gimbal camera options for seamless integration with the E400 drone platform.

NextVision’s gimballed EO/IR cameras boast field-proven technology, capturing high-quality visual and thermal imagery and video. These cameras enable live streaming directly to ground stations, providing operators with continuous monitoring capabilities.

The incorporation of a 360-degree EO/IR camera onto the E400 ISR platform enhances its effectiveness in various scenarios, including search-and-rescue missions, suspect pursuit, emergency management, and disaster response, such as swift water rescue operations. Now, customers have the ability to keep the target in sight at all times in flight. The E400 ISR, built with a military-grade carbon fiber frame, offers exceptional durability for rugged field applications. Moreover, its extended endurance allows for extended flight durations without the need for frequent recharging, enabling extensive coverage in a single flight.

This latest integration is particularly suited for surveillance and security applications, leveraging the E400 ISR’s electric propulsion and minimal noise emissions for discreet flight operations.

“The ability to rotate the camera indefinitely means an operator will never find themself limited in choosing what angle from which to observe a target,” said Jeff Taylor, Founder and CEO of Event 38. “In rapidly evolving situations it is critical to keep the target in sight at all times, and this 360 rotation capability allows just that on the E400-ISR.”

Event 38 will be showcasing the E400 ISR at various Public Safety conferences and upcoming events in the near future.

For more information about Event 38 and its range of mapping drone solutions, please visit www.event38.com.