Event38 Delivers first batch of E400 vtol drone to the air national guard.

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Completes Delivery of E400 To Air National Guard

Event 38 Unmanned Systems recently completed delivery of the E400 to the Air National Guard (ANG) 178th Wing Fire and Emergency Management teams. The E400 was identified by the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) as a promising commercial technology that could reduce cost and increase readiness for multiple Air Force sustainment objectives. The aircraft was customized for ANG, adding VTOL as well as a live-streaming thermal and RGB video payload. Additionally, Event 38 designed a custom all-in-one handheld ground control station. The aircraft is intended for use by emergency response personnel.

Event 38 provided in-person training, documentation, and the user manual. Four operators were trained to proficiency in 1.5 days of class time and practice flights.

The smaller team allowed Event 38 to provide a more hands-on approach to training, giving each member the opportunity to disassemble and reassemble the aircraft and act as pilot in command. 

The operators found the training to be beneficial and efficient. This group had limited experience with UAS, but found it was easy to set up and control. Learn more about the E400 VTOL here.