DDMS™ Now Accepting Ground Control Points

The Drone Data Management System™ officially starts accepting ground control points as of today. Ground control points are used in situations where high accuracy, on the order of centimeters, is required for a map. They allow drone maps to be used for critical work in surveying, construction, agriculture and other industries.

Learn more about the Drone Data Management System™ or read how to start using your GCP data now.

Ground control points are billed on a per-use basis and are available only to users in the DDMS™ Advanced tier, please contact us for more information.

New Analysis Tools Available Now In DDMS™ Map Viewer

Two new tools are now available to all Drone Data Management System™ users. As part of the Map Viewer data analysis suite, users will now see a legend appear next to maps where an underlying data layer is present. NDVI, DVI and DEM layers show their scale of values and corresponding colors for easy interpretation of each layer. In addition, for the NDVI and DVI layers, clicking on the map at any location will also reveal a popup with GPS coordinates and exact data values.


These features are automatically available to all users processing NDVI, DVI or DEM data.

Parrot Sequoia Cameras Now Available

Parrot Sequoia multispectral cameras are now available and shipping regularly as standard options on the E384 and E386. Contact us for more information or select the Parrot Sequoia option when checking out with either vehicle online.

E384 and E386 add Sony QX1 Support

The Event 38 E384 and E386 now support the Sony QX-1 camera. With a 20MP APS-C sensor and compact body, the QX-1 is able to collect data in landscape orientation further increasing the mapping efficiency of the Event 38 fixed wing platforms.

See our fixed wing drone section to learn more.

Welcome to our newest partner, IntoDrones located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event 38 is pleased to announce its latest reseller partner in Brazil.
IntoDrones is bringing local sales and support services to Rio de Janeiro. Founder Wilson Duarte, @IntoDrones, can be reached online or at (21) 98526-8789.

The sUAS Guide, Issue 2, July, 2016

Event 38 is proud to be published in this industry leading publication. See us on page 43!

The sUAS Guide, Issue 2, July, 2016

Welcome to our Newest Partner, Jsl Drones, located in Red Cliffs Victoria Australia

Event 38 is pleased to announce its latest reseller partner in Australia.
JSL Drones loves everything to do with drones, and knows first-hand the importance of quality products. They have been in the industry for over 10 years. You can contact them at sales@jsldrones.com.au.

Event 38 Partner Ranger UAV in Western Australia Getting Creative

Ranger UAV builds their presence in the precision agriculture industry of Western Australia. Their partnership brings Event 38 products to Western Australia and adds local support and training services.

Welcome to our Newest Partner, GEOzone AG, located in Rumlang/Zurich Switzerland

Event 38 is pleased to announce its latest reseller partner in Switzerland.

For 26 years GEOzone AG has offered state of the market surveying equipment, training, and services for customers around the world.

Contact Mr Zdenko Kurtovic, kuzo@geozone.ch for more information.



Agritruth Soars with E386 System

Our friends and clients over at Agritruth recently added an E384 UAV to their fleet to be used for agricultural research and precision agriculture! Check out their tweet and awesome video at the link below.