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E386 Now Equipped with Parachute Recovery

Due to popular demand, the E386 aircraft now supports automated parachute recovery for landing in confined areas, on rugged terrain, or in territories requiring a parachute for safety purposes. The parachute is deployed automatically by a command built into the mission. The E386 also retains popular features of the E384-LR such as terrain follow and Wind Resist for further reliability in difficult environments. It is also possible to land the E386 manually onto its ABS plastic skid plate using the hand controller when that is more convenient.

The E386 uses the Harrier launch system from FruityChutes to safely deploy the parachute in flight. After testing a variety of parachutes and launch systems, we’ve found the Harrier to be the most reliable and easiest to pack parachute system available for small UAS.

The E386 is available now with all sensor options under 400g, including the R10C, RedEdge, Sequoia and FLIR cameras.

Learn more about the E386 here.