Sony a6100

Event 38 Adds Sony a6100 Support to Companion Computer for E400

Event 38’s most recent product, the E400, is designed to carry DSLR payloads in landscape orientation, a more efficient orientation for mapping. For this reason, Event 38 partnered with Sony to use the a6100, a lightweight, high resolution camera with a large APS-C sized sensor, which is crucial to produce clear, more accurate photogrammetric models.

Additionally, the Sony a6100 is now supported by Companion Computer, which is an Event 38-created device that allows a camera to talk directly to the autopilot in real-time. Companion Computer provides up-to-date information on the camera’s status, pictures it’s taking, current GPS coordinates, and pitch, roll, and yaw data from the autopilot AHRS.

Having the ability to have information like photos in real-time makes the postprocessing workflow not only more efficient, but allows the operator to check that the images are being photographed as desired, meaning good exposure and overlap, and the target area is captured.

E400 specs and pricing can be found here.