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Intellishoot L1L2 PPK Geotagging System Now Available

The Intellishoot L1L2 PPK Geotagging System is now available as a stand-alone module for integration with Event 38, Pixhawk and DJI powered unmanned aircraft. This PPK GPS system is built in-house by Event 38 and is powered by the Piksi Multi core. Currently, it supports GPS L1/L2C, Glonass G1/G2 and SBAS. It is hardware ready for Galileo E1/E5b, BeiDou B1/B2, and QZSS L1/L2 via firmware update in the future. The primary advantages of working with a dual frequency setup are a faster time to fix, more reliable fix holding, and single solution post-processing. By using two frequencies from each satellite, dual frequency receivers are able to more quickly determine ionospheric conditions and calculate a high accuracy fix faster. This also allows them to recover from a loss of fix and pick up new satellites as they come into view more quickly. With single frequency PPK, there can be multiple solutions produced when post-processing the GPS data. This means that the solution can be affected by, for example, where in the GPS string you clip the data to start and stop processing. L1L2 produces only a single solution, making post-processing easier and more consistent.

The accuracy produced by an L1L2 system in good conditions is typically not higher than with an L1-only system. However, in marginal conditions where a Q1 solution may be intermittently lost, L1L2 is better at maintaining Q1 solutions for longer and re-acquiring them more quickly when lost. In our case study, we produced results with horizontal and vertical RMSE of 2.82cm and 3.62cm respectively from 100m AGL flying height. To learn more, see the full case study.

The Intellishoot System from Event 38 consists of an enclosed module with external GPS antenna and precision geotagging softare which extracts event markers from the RINEX file and performs additional adjustments to the geotags to improve accuracy depending on the parameters of your sensor and setup. Systems are available for purchase both individually and for integration with Event 38 aircraft. Please contact us for further information.

PPK GPS Now Available

PPK GPS receivers are now available for integration with the E384/6 family of aircraft. See how the accuracy stacks up in our comprehensive case study.

Learn more about upgrading or adding PPK to a new aircraft.