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All New Scout Drone Now Available

The much anticipated Scout drone is now available from Event 38 and worldwide partners. The Scout is designed to be a small, lightweight and transportable drone that falls under the 2kg exception several countries have made for flying UAS with fewer restrictions. Its small size also makes it easy for beginner drone users to approach as it requires little configuration and no flying skills. The extremely durable airframe is also forgiving of landings on or in a wide variety of surfaces and vegetation.

Despite its small size and 1.37kg weight, the Scout is still a workhorse. Its 60 minute endurance allows it to fly over 240Ha (600 acres) per flight at 120m (400ft) AGL. Its high wing loading makes it less susceptible to turbulence than similarly sized light drones. It also makes it better able to pierce through strong headwinds with its 48kph (30mph) cruise speed. It can also make its landing approach at a 20% gradient without picking up excess speed in any wind conditions, for more convenient auto-landings near obstacles.

The Scout will begin shipping on November 1st starting with standard payloads of Sony WX500 and Canon S110s. Micasense RedEdge and Parrot Sequoia will be made available soon after. The starting price of the package including radios, a battery and charger is USD $2,190.

Sample Orthomosaic Created by Scout