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42MP Full Frame Sony RX1R II Now Available

After extensive testing, Event 38 is releasing another all-new camera option for E384/6 users. The Sony RX1R II is a 42 Megapixel, full frame camera that produces the highest quality imagery ever from an Event 38 aircraft.

The RX1R II is able to produce ground resolutions of 1.35cm/pixel at 100m AGL flying height. It can be used to produce particularly detailed orthomosaics and elevation models.  Alternatively, the extreme resolution could allow the ability to fly higher and cover much larger areas at moderate resolution very efficiently. Contact us to learn more about the best aircraft configuration for each situation.

The high resolution imagery also improves PPK GPS results, and the RX1R II is compatible with PPK GPS on certain aircraft configurations. The high resolution makes it easier to identify the location of GCPs more accurately.

The RX1R II is ready to ship now with new Event 38 aircraft and can be added to existing E384 units with certain upgrades. Please contact us for more information or to see sample imagery.

Event 38 Adds Sony R10C Sensor

Event 38 is proud to announce the addition to our lineup of our smartest and most integrated imaging sensor ever, the Sony R10C.

The R10C is Sony’s camera made specifically for embedded applications. Sony grants Event 38 access to the full camera controls available to the internal software. This allows us an unprecedented level of control over the camera in flight. With the R10C, we are able to ensure that the camera maintains its configuration to obtain the best quality images for every flight – no more concerns about setting the shutter speed or power timeouts for long transits. When paired with the companion computer, we can also geotag the images in real time and save them to a conveniently located thumb drive. If you plan to primarily map with the R10C and companion computer, you may never need to take out the camera or SD card at all.

The R10C remains compatible with our PPK GPS systems and its specs are identical to the Sony QX-1 in weight and resolution. It is available now as an option for new E384/E386 aircraft. We are also making it available stand-alone for users wishing to integrate it into their own aircraft. Please contact us for further information.