Event 38 Unmanned Systems is committed to providing our clients with the best customer experience from start to completion of a project. Our team of experienced, passionate engineers work to understand your use case and timeline to design, build, and test your aircraft for optimal performance.


Blank slate development of a Group I hybrid fixed wing VTOL drone for security and emergency response applications. The E400-VTOL was designed and manufactured by Event 38 using carbon fiber composite construction and all US-made components.

Heavy lift electric VTOL (eVTOL) designed to carry a highly specialized physics payload. This eVTOL can lift a 150-pound payload and is impressive in size – 11’ x 11’ and 600lbs all up weight.

Avionics system design, integration, and flight test program for ArgenTech Solutions’ 65 pound, gas powered VTOL aircraft. This model is now flying fire response missions for the Department of Interior.

UAS Engineering Capabilities

Ardupilot/PX4 Development:

Sensor Integration

Payload Integration

Custom Failsafe Behaviors

Custom Mavlink Commands

Custom Navigation Algorithms 

Companion Computers: 

Direct Geotagging

Real-Time Image Processing 

Machine Learning

ROS Integration 

Multi-Node Networking 

Video Encoding/Transmission

Mission Planner/QGround Control Development: 

Simulation Environments 

UI Customization

Video Streaming 



Aircraft Development

Flight Test

Structural/Aerodynamic Analysis

Log Analysis


Geospatial Calculations

Image Post-Processing

GNSS Positioning 


Composite Manufacturing

If you have additional engineering needs, please contact us using the button below so we can fully understand the scope of work

Structural Battery

Integration of battery cells directly into load bearing composite components of an airframe to demonstrate increased energy storage mass fraction.

Humanitarian Delivery Drone

Development of a custom super long range drone capable of hand-launch and unprepared field recovery for remote medical deliveries

Machine Learning

Low SWAP-C embedded machine learning algorithms running on board.

Large Scale Thermography

Using an E384-LR to cover thousands of acres with a radiometric thermal camera.

Fisheries Protection

Deploying and training officials to operate drones with custom equipment for detecting and locating boats in protected fisheries.

High Altitude Flight

An E384 tuned for operation on the Chilean Altiplano at up to 15,000′ MSL. Used to collect imagery of archaeology sites in inaccessible valleys.