Event 38 also provides custom UAS development and related services worldwide. Our experience designing drones, sensors and image processing algorithms has allowed us to build the experience needed to tackle unconventional projects . Our multidisciplinary team includes hardware, software and remote sensing expertise. If you don’t want to purchase and operate your own UAS, you can bring in a professional operator and rent one of our systems. If your project requires support not offered by any of our products, we can develop to meet your needs. We provide the following services:

  • Experienced Operators and Our Full Fleet of Vehicles
  • Imagery Post-Processing and Analysis
  • Operator Training
  • Custom UAS Builds
  • Custom Payload Integration
  • Mission Planner and ArduPlane Customizations

Contact us now and let us know what you need. We’ll help you find all the possible solutions and discuss the benefits of each.

Past Special Projects

Custom Long Range Drone

Development of a custom super long range drone capable of hand-launch and unprepared field recovery for remote medical deliveries

Pavement Crack Detection

Development of an automated crack detection algorithm for pavement condition classification

High Altitude, Remote Mapping

Tuned aircraft for operation on Altiplano at high altitude. Collected imagery for sites even where inaccessible on foot.

Protecting Against Illegal Fishing

Deploying and training officials to operate drones with custom equipment for detecting and locating boats in protected fisheries.

Mission Planner Development

Addition of a custom preflight checklist with automated self-checks for operational efficiency

Guidance & Control Development

Development and testing of a custom flight state for steep dive, reverse throttle landings in confined spaces.