Event 38 has partnered with companies around the world who provide Professional Services for end users of our products.

In addition to partnering with service providers, we’ve also partnered with friendly and knowledgeable resellers all over the world, to offer you the highest quality of local sales and support.

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Company: Event 38, Unmanned Systems

Location: Akron, OH

Website: www.event38.com

Contact: sales@event38.com

Services: Event 38 provides drone services worldwide.

Our experience building, testing and flying drones for Agriculture, Construction, Environmental Conservation, Mining and Surveying, allows us to complete both small and large projects, at minimal expense. We provide the following drone services:

  • Experienced Drone Pilots and Our Full Fleet of Drones

  • Onsite Drone Operator Training

  • Custom Small Drone (UAS) Builds

  • Custom Payload Integration

Contact us now and let us know what you need. We’ll help you find all the possible solutions and discuss the benefits.


Company: Harvesting, Co.

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Website: www.harvesting.co

Contact: info@harvesting.co

Services: Get more out of your farmland with insights on soil, water, weather, and crop health. Harvesting Co. provides meaningful & actionable insights from remote sensing & near sensing multi-spectral imaging. Combined with machine learning and GIS experts on the team, we help farmers and agencies understand data and increase their ROI on technologies like UAVs.


Company: Ready to Drone

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Website: http://readytodrone.com/

Contact: thomas.reinsel@gmail.com

Services: We provide industry proven multi-rotor and fixed wing platforms not only as standalone products, but as a valuable component in all of our consulting, mapping, and training services.


Company: Skyward, IO

Location: Portland, OR

Website: http://skyward.io/

Contact: nick@skyward.io

Services: Skyward is the first information management solution designed for commercial drone operators. The cloud-based software integrates a drone airspace map with flight planning tools and a digital system of record, supported by a team of regulatory and operational experts.


Company: Daterion

Location : Sofia, Bulgaria

Website: http://dataerion.com

Contact: victor.yermak@dataerion.com

Services: Daterion is multinational company which specialized in aerial images processing and recognition for purposes of infrastructure/assets monitoring. Its headquarters have been in Sofia, Bulgaria since February , 2015. Dataerion’s core product is Skyglyph,- Aerial Scouting Cloud Platform,- and its extension for crop insurance, which allow to detect and assess of crop damages from drones.

We run business in CEE using our solution for crop insurance and partnership model. For more information please contact us http://dataerion.com.


Company: Bird Eye Drone Services

Location: Sete Lagoas, MG, Brazil

Website: http://www.birdeye.com.br/

Contact: mauricio@birdeye.com.br

Services: BirdEye – Drone Services arose from the need of the Brazilian market for specialized services with UAV’s.

We conduct training, preventive and corrective maintenance, technical support and equipment demonstration for EVENT38 products.

In addition, we also perform services to third parties, generating results in the following areas: Precision Agriculture, mining, surveying, research, etc. —

Portuguese — Serviços: A Bird Eye Drone Services surgiu da necessidade do mercado Brasileiro em serviços especializados com UAV´s. Realizamos Treinamento, Manutençao preventiva e corretiva, Assistencia tecnica e Demonstração de equipamentos para os produtos EVENT38.

Aliado a isso tambem realizamos serviços a terceiros, gerando resultados nas seguintes areas: Agricultura de Precisão, mineração, topografia, pesquisas, etc.—


Seal Support Operations operates drones and provides post-processing services throughout North and Central America.

Contact: William Ortiz

Website: www.3dpsc.com