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Color, NIR and NDVI imagery According to Iowa State

The Integrated Crop Management News, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach program recently published an informative article on how to choose the right imagery, in regards to best management practices for Color, NIR, and NDVI imagery. Read the full article, here or continue on below: May 17, 2016 via Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Integrated Crop Management  […]

Process Maps, NDVI and 3d Models for Free

With the Drone Data Management System™ officially out of beta testing, I thought it would be helpful to go through and show new users how they can still use it to process orthomosaics, NDVI maps and 3d models with imagery from any drone for free. This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive guide to mapping techniques, but I’ll […]

Proving ROI through Drone Stockpile Measurement in Mines and Quarries

Event 38 recently completed a case study on the use of drones for mining and quarry applications. In cooperation with a customer operating dozens of quarries, we compared and analyzed the accuracy and resource cost of using the E384 and Drone Data Management System™ with manual measurement to determine stockpile volumes. We found that switching […]

E384 Picked as Replacement for Aero and Aero-M

The E384 from Event 38 has been picked as the official replacement for the discontinued Aero and Aero-M product line from 3d Robotics, Inc. Because the aircraft are so similar, Event 38 is able to provide support and most replacement parts for the Aero indefinitely into the future. The E384 offers several advantages over the […]

Traveling with The E384 – By Guest Author Frank Sedlar

Article By Guest Author: Frank Sedlar The sparse vegetation of Western Mali offers little protection from the sweltering sun. But today in the bush, even if there was cover everyone would still be subjecting themselves to the sun. It’s not everyday a UAV is flying overhead. A group of kids excitedly giggle and point their necks […]

Why Terry Kilby is OK with flying fewer drone missions

Recently, Terry Kilby purchased one of our E384 fixed-wing mapping drones. Terry and his wife, Belinda Kirby, own their own drone photography business, Elevated Element, as well as the brand new aerial software company, Aerial Array. You can read about their companies, as well as how they plan to use our E384, here.

Flying Drones May Emerge As Integral Farming Tool

Island Aerial Imagery, located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is illustrating the unique ways in which drones can aid farmers. By using our modified Iris+ Precision Mapping Package, Island Aerial Imagery has been able to reduce the amount of chemicals needed on their crops by using images collected with their UAV to target only infected […]

Preserving the Endangered Spider Monkey in Ecuador through UAV Forest Monitoring

Recently, we discovered that the Ecuadorian organization Drone & GIS has been using our E384 fixed-wing drone for quite the unique and amazing application; saving the spider monkeys. The Brown-headed Spider Monkeys are a critically endangered species, and efforts for their preservation and well-being have been ongoing. By flying our E384 over an area of the forest […]

Drones are coming to your neighborhood

We were recently mentioned in an article featured on Cleveland.com, written by Stephen Koff, that illustrates how drones are being used and how common they will be in the near future. You can read the full article here.