Scout – Pre-Field Checklist

Let’s discuss what we need to do before heading out to the field to collect imagery with our Scout.

Designate the Windows Laptop that you will be carrying in the field. Using Mission Planner, go to the Flight Plan screen and cache the maps you want to see during your flight. Simply zoom into your area of interest and anything you see there will be automatically cached. Now plug in the ground side telemetry radio into the laptop that will be used in the field. Wait until the drivers have been successfully installed. Make sure your laptop is charged or that you will have a power supply in the field.

Check that all of your batteries are fully charged; flight batteries, transmitter batteries, and the camera battery. If you are using a Canon camera, make sure your SD card is clear of images, locked, and placed into the camera. If you are using any other cameras, clear all images and insert the SD card. The SD card should not be locked when using non-Canon cameras.

Now, pack everything up, and head out.

Pre-Field Checklist

-Designate a Windows Laptop
-Download E38 Mission Planner
-Download Telemetry Radio Drivers
-Cache Maps

-Charge Batteries
–Flight Batteries
–Transmitter Batteries
–Camera Battery.

-Prepare SD Card

-Pack Up

– Body, Winglets


– Flight Batteries

– Propeller

– Transmitter


– Camera


– Telemetry


– Laptop


– Phillips Screwdriver


– Adjustable Pliers (Or Similar)

After arriving at the field it’s time to attach the winglets.