Scout – Planning a Mapping Mission

On this page we are going to see how a mission can be easily designed. In this scenario we will be using the “Survey (Grid)” method. We will outline the area we intend to survey. We will tell Mission Planner what type of camera we are using and the overlap that we desire. We will also specify flight direction, keeping the wind in mind. Let’s get started.

Firstly Select Scout from the UAV Model Dropdown box.

Now go to the Flight Plan tab and find the area you intend to survey.
Next we are going to “Add Polygon”. This polygon that you create will be the outline for the way points we will be generating. When in “Polygon” mode simply left click to add as many points as you desire. If you left click and hold a polygon point you can drag it (likewise with way points). If you need to delete a polygon point you can simply right click on the point and click on “Delete WP” (likewise with way points). Click Add under “Polygon Options” on the right and enclose your area of interest.

Now press the Survey (Grid) button.

Select the camera that will be used.  Set the altitude to that of the desired ground resolution.  Verify that the Grid Flight Time is low enough to complete.

Now we will take care to deal with the wind properly.  We want the flight lines to be planned with a crosswind.  We also want to make all our turns into the wind, which will slow the drone down and maintain a tighter turn radius.  For this example we will consider a wind coming from south to north.  In order to fly crosswinds, we change the Angle to 90.

Now we need to make sure we are turning into the wind.  So this mission should begin in the north and make its way south.  Choose to start from either the top right or top left.  In this case, the top right is closer to our home point, so we choose that.  In that way there is less flight to the first grid way point.

Now Press Accept. An Automatic Takeoff Waypoint will automatically be added to the mission.

If you pull the Waypoint bar up, you will see the Takeoff WP has been added.

If you are performing an Auto Landing, zoom to the are you wish to land.

Press the Setup Landing button.  Left click the spot on the map that will be the start of the runway.  Left click again for the ending point.  In this scenario the wind is coming from East to West.  So the starting point will be in the West and the ending point in the East.  After clicking the map, WPs will be automatically generated.

Now that the mission is set, press the Write to Drone button to write them to the drone.  The drone must be connected to E38 Mission Planner in order to Write WPs.

Additionally, you can use the Read from Drone button to read the WP that are stored on your drone.

The mission planning, and waypoint upload is now complete. Proceed with the Preflight Checklist.