PPK – Downloading the logs

Before beginning processing we need to first download the log file from the Emlid Reach. First power on your plane with the reach module plugged in. Next connect to the reach over Wi-Fi the reach’s wireless network will be named network named “reach:part_of_mac_address”. For example reach:66:ac. The password will be emlidreach. Next open your internet browser and go to the I.P. address

  This will bring up the ReachView app if your app does not look like the window pictured below you may have an older version of firmware.

Navigate to the logs tab and double-click on the log that has the same timestamp as the time of flight. This will download a zipped file into the downloads folder on your computer.

If your logs were saved in UBX format, visit this page to learn how to convert the logs to Rinex 2.11

If your logs are already saved in Rinex 2.11 format, follow through to formatting the rover observation file.

You can change which format the logs will save in by adjusting the format under the “Raw data” section shown in the picture above.