IRIS+ – Pre-Flight Operations

What You’ll Need:

  • Prop Wrench
  • Charged Batteries
  • An Iris+
  • Iris+ Transmitter
  • (Optional) Tablet with Tower Application Installed
  • (Optional) Laptop with Mission Planner Installed
  • (Optional Pro-Tip) Hat and Sunglasses, even on cloudy days these are good.

Preflight Preperation
Double check that all of your propellers are tight and secure. If you are using a camera, ensure that it is tightened firmly to the mount with the provided mount screw. Find a level surface to start the IRIS out at. This will end up being your launch point. The launch position and will be stored by the autopilot and is the location the IRIS+ will return to when using the return to launch function on the transmitter or your preferred flight application. It is not recommended that you fly in heavy residential areas and ensure you are in an area far away from large structures or buildings.

1. Set your transmitter mode to loiter (LTR).

2. Make sure the return to launch (RTL) switch is in the OFF positon.


3. Ensure that ch7 switch (the auto-land switch) is in the off position.


4. Power on the transmitter. Never turn this off while the IRIS is powered up. If you lose connection with the IRIS it will then return to launch on its own.


5. Connect the battery. To open the battery compartment press the sides of the hatch together and pull it downward.

– Insert the battery and attach the yellow plugs together.
-To close the hatch squeeze the door on both sides and push it back up into the locking position.


6. Place the IRIS back at the launching spot. It’s best to start with the black legs facing toward you.

7. Ensure you are connected to either your transmitter, mission planner, or tablet application.

8. Check the LED status of your IRIS. Green indicates you have GPS lock and the IRIS can be armed.

9. Arm the IRIS by pressing and holding the arming button or by using the ARM feature on your preferred application. It will make a sound (continuous beep) signaling it is armed. Make sure all body parts are out of range of the props quickly after pressing this button.


10. Arm the motors by holding the left stick in the bottom right corner position until the motors start to spin.

The IRIS is now ready to fly.