IRIS+ – Mission Planning w/ Tower

Step 1 – Opening Tower


Open the Tower application on your device.

Step 2 – Connecting to your Iris


Once Tower is open click the “Connect” button on the flight the flight data screen. Note: The BTB should be paired to your device via bluetooth before doing this.

Step 3 – Editor

After Tower connects to the Iris+ the GPS status, telemetry, battery voltage and flight mode should be updated near the top of the screen.

Then, click the button in the top left and select “Editor” as shown below.


Optional step (if preexisting mission exists)

There can be missions that never cleared from Tower so from the Editor screen click the trash and click “Clear Mission” to erase all existing waypoints.

After clearing a mission Tower will automatically add a takeoff waypoint. This should be deleted by having the trash icon selected and clicking waypoint 1.
Now there should no longer be any waypoints on the editor screen.

Step 4 – Creating a survey


Click the “draw” icon and then click the down arrow, on the next popup and select “Survey”. This will allow you to draw a shape that will automatically create waypoints for the Iris+.

You can draw any shape but try to close the shape as much as possible.


The survey area has now been created. The white lines represent the path of the Iris+ during the flight.

Step 6 – Modifying survey settings

After the survey area has been plotted click the new waypoint that was created. This will open up flight options for that survey area.

Change the camera to the camera you are using and adjust the flight altitude, overlap and sidelap accordingly.

Step 7 – Uploading a mission

Now the survey area is ready to be flown. Click the button in the top right and select “Upload mission” to send these waypoints to the Iris+.

After selecting “Upload mission”, Tower will ask if you would like to add Takeoff and RTL to your mission. If you would like to add these select “Ok”.

Then, there will be a message at the bottom that says “Waypoints sent” indicating the mission was successfully uploaded.

Note: In the example above Takeoff and RTL were added which is why there are three waypoints.

Step 8 – Clear mission

Clear the mission again from your device as shown above in the optional step.

Step 9 – Downloading a mission

Select the button in the top right of the screen and click “Download mission”. This will download every waypoint that the survey area from before created.

Step 10 – Modifying waypoints

If Takeoff was added then you can modify the takeoff waypoint to climb to a specific altitude before starting the survey region.

It is usually safe to make the altitude for takeoff equal to the altitude chosen for the survey region.

Clicking on the camera waypoint will allow modification of the camera trigger distance.

Step 11 – Upload mission

If any of the waypoints were changed since downloading the mission from the Iris+ then you must upload the mission again (as shown in step 7).

The Iris+ now has the mission uploaded to it correctly, switching to “auto” after the Iris+ is armed will start this mission.