IRIS+ – In-Flight Operations

1. Take off and gain altitude by pushing the left stick up. Lift off should occur when you are around 60% throttle. To maintain an altitude keep your throttle at about 50%.

2. Rotate the IRIS by moving the left stick left or right.

3. Use the right stick to control the directional movement of the IRIS. Up moves you forward, down moves you backward. Left moves you left, and right moves you right. Keep this stick centered to keep the IRIS in the same position.

4. To descend and land, move your left stick (throttle stick) down below 50% and you will begin to make a slow descent. Continue moving the throttle stick down while ensuring you don’t go all the way to 0% throttle until your IRIS is just a couple of inches from the ground. (If you would like further details on in-flight operations, please refer to the IRIS+ manual.)

5. Once your IRIS is on the ground disarm the motors by holding the left stick in the bottom left corner position. You will hear a sound (several quick beeps) signaling the IRIS is disarmed.

6. Press and hold the arm button on the IRIS until it is blinking. If blinking the IRIS is completely deactivated and you can then safely disconnect the battery.

7. Power off the transmitter.