E386 – Charging Batteries

When charging LiPo batteries, caution must be taken to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Always charge batteries away from other flammable objects including carpet. Never charge a puffed or damaged battery. The battery should not get warm during charging.

To charge your batteries, plug in your battery charger and add the banana to XT-60 cable on the right side as shown in the picture below.


To charge the 8000mAh battery, plug it directly into the XT60-banana plug that is connected to the charger. Plug the balancer into the corresponding terminal.


Plug the power cord into the left side of the charger.


If LiPo charge is not selected when you power on the charger press the Batt Type (the left-most button) until it says LiPo then press the start button on the far right.

After selecting LiPo pressing the start button again will allow you to change the amps. Change this according to the battery you are charging by going left or right using the two buttons in between Batt Type and Start. Charge the 8000mAh battery at 5.0A.

After selecting the correct amount of amps, press start again. This will allow you to change the number of cells. The 8000mAh battery is labeled a 4 cell battery, so charge it at 4S.

After choosing the proper amps and cells hold the start button. Then after the battery check press start again to start the charge. When the battery is full the charger will beep.

After your batteries are fully charged and you are prepared for a surveying mission pack up using the Prefield Checklist.