E384 – Tail Assembly

In this page we will see how the tail goes into the body, as well as elevator attachment.

First we will attach the elevator.

Fit the elevator on top of the tail.


Now slide the elevator toward the rudder.


Connect the servo lead on the elevator to the servo extension.


Take the servo wires from the tail and place them into the body of the E384.



Now push the carbon rod all the way into the body, the notches on the rod will catch on the orange tube at the furthest point.

Tighten the three screws on the body to keep the tail tightly in place.


Fish the elevator and rudder cables through the hole on the top and connect the elevator to output channel 2 and the rudder to output channel 4. Be sure the top pin receives the black wire on your Pixhawk.

After the tail has been firmly attached to the fuselage it’s time to move onto Wing Assembly.