E384 – S110 Operations

In this page we will discuss the use of the Canon S110 (with Intellishoot). For more detailed mission planning instructions visit Planning a Mapping Mission

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Mission Planner for E384
Intellishoot Image Tagging Utility

Install Event38 for MP. Open the application. Head over to the Flight Plan screen. Click the Add Polygon button on the right. Left click on the map to enclose the area you are mapping with the polygon. Click Survey (Grid).


Change the camera option to Canon S110 and click Accept. You will notice that two DO_CAM_TRIGG_DIST WP have been automatically added.


Here, WP2 is DO_CAM_TRIGG_DIST. The first box reads 43. After the first WP is reached this will tell the camera to take a picture every 43m the E384 travels.

DO_CAM_TRIGG_DIST is also the last WP in my survey. The first box reads 0. When the E384 reaches the last WP it will tell the camera to stop taking pictures.

Write and read your WPs. After running through your preflight checklist plug the cable from your Pixhawk port Aux Out 5 into your S110. Turn on the S110. Press the shutter button to open the lens. Press the blue play button. Press the shutter again and the text on the display should read “waiting on USB signal.” Place the camera in your E384.

If at some point during your flight you have reached greater than 50m altitude and later decrease altitude below 30m the lens on the S110 will automatically close. If you need to abort flight before reaching 50m you can close the lens by going to the actions tab under the HUD in Flight Data and pressing the close camera lens button.


After your successful flight you can geotag your images. You can follow the link below that explains how to use the geotagging utility.
Event38 ImageTagging Utility

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S110 Resolution Table

s110 chart