E384 – NX1100 Operations

In this section we will take a look at the differences in mapping with an NX1100 and in particular geotagging the images.

There are a few physical differences with the NX1100 setup. The NX1100 has a custom mount with a sweeping door to protect the lens during landing. Attached to the NX1100 is a fiber glass piece with Velcro to securely mount the camera.


Now we will walk through the differences when you are performing a mapping mission.

Go to the “Flight Plan” screen using Mission Planner.

MissPlan - Flight

Right click on the screen and select “Draw Polygon” >> “Add Polygon Point.”

MissPlan - 2

Choose the area you wish to map by inserting polygon points with a left click around your area of interest. Then right click and go to “Auto WP” >> “Survey (Grid).”

MissPlan - 3

In the “Simple” tab use the camera drop down and select the “NX1000.” Choose an “Angle” that will allow the plane to fly crosswinds. Make sure the box labeled “Camera top facing forward” is not checked. Circled in red is “Ground Resolution.”

MissPlan - 4

Go to the “Grid Options” tab (This tab will not be visible unless you check the Advanced Options box in the Simple tab). Choose your Start From in the corner that will allow you to fly your pattern crosswinds and make all of your turns with the wind at the nose of the plane. Standard “Overlap” and “Sidelap” is 60% for each.

MissPlan - 5

Go to the “Camera Config” tab and change the “Focal Length” to match the focal length of your pancake lens.

MissPlan - 6

At the bottom of the Camera Config tab make sure “CAM_TRIGG_DIST” is checked.

MissPlan - 7

Go back to the “Simple” tab. Choose an altitude that corresponds to the “Ground Resolution” that you desire (be sure to check the altitude ceiling in your area). Then press “Accept” to transfer those WP to the “Flight Data” screen.

MissPlan - 8

Pull up the green Waypoints bar on the bottom of the screen and verify they are as expected. After the first WP in your polygon there shoud be a DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST WP. After the last WP in your polygon you should see another
DO_SET_CAM_TRIG_DIST WP. Press the green Write WPs button on the right when your E384 is powered on and connected to Mission Planner. This will send the WPs to the E384. Read the WP from the E384 by pressing the Read WPs. Then look through the WPs again to make sure all the WP are as desired.

MissPlan - 9

Turn your NX1100 on in P mode, we have configured your NX1100 for optimum performance in P mode. Connect the MicroUSB coming from channel Aux Out 5 on the Pixhawk to your NX1100.


In Auto mode the plane will take pictures based on your parameters.

We will now move to discuss the geotagging of the images.

After the flight connect a MicroUSB from your computer to your Pixhawk. Choose the correct Com Port, and set the baud rate to 115200. Go to the “Terminal” screen on Mission Planner and press the green “Connect” button. Now press the “Log Download” button.


Choose the latest log and press “Download These Logs.”

After completion close the “Log” window. Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and press the letter “F” on your keyboard.


Now click on “Geo ref images.”


Choose “Cam Message Synchro.” Press “Browse Log” and choose the log we just downloaded from the APM. Press “Browse Pictures” and choose the pictures from the mission. Press “Pre-process” and wait for it to be completed. Then press “GeoTag Images.” After this step is complete a separate set of images that are geotagged will be created for you.