E384 – Flight Procedure

In this section we will discuss the Flight Procedure.

Now the Launcher should pick the E384 up and hold it, fully prepared to launch. Never put body parts near the propeller when the battery is plugged in!

The Launcher should communicate to the Ground Station Manager that he is prepared.

If performing an AUTO takeoff

The Launcher should communicate to the Ground Station Manager that he is prepared. The Ground Station Manager shall then change the mode to Auto, using either the RC transmitter or the actions tab under the HUD. The Grond Station Manager should confirm that the mode is Auto. The Launcher will then wait eight seconds for the E384 to reach full speed. The Launcher will then proceed by throwing the E384 firmly at an angle of approximately 15 degress. Always throw the E384 against the wind for best results.

If performing an FBWA takeoff

In FBWA the Launcher holds the E384 up, keeping the propeller as far away as possible. One hand is placed on the bottom of the fuselage near the camera opening to guide the throw. The other hand is the launching hand. The launching hand is placed on the tail, with the index finger or more on the back of the tail. At this time the Pilot should have the transmitter in hand. Throttle up to 60%. Throw the E384 firmly at an angle of about 15 degrees with the wind at the nose of the plane. After the release, increase throttle and pull up on the elevator to climb. Climb to about 100m and switch the Transmitter into AUTO.

During the mission keep an eye on the battery voltage. The voltage will fluctuate most notably at higher throttle. If it no longer rises above 14.5V it is time to bring it in for a landing. When the E384 has reached the last WP of the mission, it will automatically head to its home point and loiter until a new command is issued.

If you are landing manually, Switch back to FBWA. You now have control. During descent, keep throttle very low or off while maintaining airspeed by pushing the nose down at least 5 degrees. Always land with the wind at the nose of the E384 to minimize its ground speed. Abort the landing any time by switching to RTL mode.

Go to the E384 and unplug the battery. When you are sure the battery is unplugged you may disassemble.

After retrieving and disassembling your E384 it’s time to begin the post mission image processing procedure starting with the Event38 GeoTagging Utility.