E384 – Geotagging Utility

In this section we will look at how to Geo Tag images using the Event38 Image Utility software. The Event38 Image Utility can be obtained by clicking HERE.

After downloading the files from above proceed to unzip the folder.

Open the unzipped folder and run Event38.ImageUtility.exe.

A Window will open. Select Image Utilities then select GeoTag Images.


This will bring you to a new window and ask you to select the Image Path and Log File path.


Select the correct image path select the directory or folder containing the photos that you wish to Geo Tag.

To select the log file path find the .Tlog file from your flight.
The mission utility will then process the .Tlog file and convert it to a CSV file that can be located inside the same folder as your Tlog.

Click on the process button.

After the pictures have finished processing you will be given a notification saying “Processing Complete”.

Click okay and then navigate to the Folder containing the pictures that had been selected for GeoTagging. There will be a Text document called ImageLog.txt.

The document will contain the image name, longitude, latitude and altitude for each processed picture.

The coordinates will also be written to the pictures.

After tagging your images it’s time to head over to our Drone Data Management System for processing!