Imagery that is not geotagged can be processed by DDMS, although this will result in slower processing and the digital elevation model and Google KMZ files cannot be created. If using a Pixhawk powered vehicle, our E38 geotag utility will tag images for you, a .tlog or dataflash log is required (E38 geotag instructions).

Uploaded images should be sharp. If your images are blurry, DDMS may not be able to create a mosaic. If possible, try increasing the shutter speed on your camera to reduce motion blur.

For mapping missions, we recommend planning for at least 60% overlap and 60% sidelap in order to reliably reconstruct the mission area.

When flying over homologous terrain (corn fields, sand dunes, grassy plains, etc.), we recommend flying at a higher altitude than normal with increased overlap/sidelap. Flying higher allows more large-scale features to be discerned in each image which aids in reconstructing the scene.