Logging into Your Account

In your browser, proceed to the E38 Drone Data Management System home page. Once you are there click Log In located in the upper-right corner of the page.
This will direct you to the login page.


Enter your username and password then click Log in, this will take you to the mission overview page.

Creating a Mission

From the mission overview page click Create Mission and you will be directed to the Create Mission page.

  • First, to help identify your mission from future missions enter a description/title.


  • Second, click the Choose Files button and you will be prompted to locate the images from your computer.


  • Last, choose the Create Mission and start processing button.


This will begin uploading the images from the mission to our servers to begin processing. Uploading could take several hours depending on your internet connection.

Note: The images should be geotagged if faster processing or a Google KMZ file is desired. To check this, right click a image from your mission and choose properties, under the Details tab there should be a section labeled GPS with Latitude, Longitude and Altitude information inside. See our accepted geotag formats.

Mission Options

Once the mission has been completely uploaded it will be placed in the processing queue. When the mission is picked by our server the processing will begin, when it finishes the status of the mission will be changed to ready. To view the mission details click on the upload date of the mission.


  • The Show Map option will load your mosaic in your web browser.
  • Clicking the Analyze images button will let you add different post-processing options to your imagery like DEM or NDVI (This will place your mission back in the processing queue).
  • The Access Downloads button will let you download all of the post-processed data from our server like the full resolution mosaic, DEM and NDVI mosaic.
  • Last, Delete mission will completely remove the mission from our servers.