PPK – Clipping the Observation File

Now we need to find the beginning of flight and the end of flight. Firstly select the show track point tool in rtkpost shown below.

The output on the plot screen will be identical to the flight path of your mission. We will think about where the mission started its first flight line and then click on that position.

In the case above we started from the top right corner and flew east to west first. Above we have selected a point at the beginning of the first flight line. Now we need to record the time into the time start portion of RTKPOST shown below.

Lastly we will have to find the point where the plane finished the mapping portion of it’s mission. In this example the last flight line of this mission was in the bottom left corner of the flight plan.

Now select the end time and then record the end time of the mapping mission in RTKPOST.

Press Execute and wait for the file to finish processing. After selecting your start and end point the quality of your positions will improve.

After reprocessing it is time to follow through to Geo Tagging Your Images.