Scout – Transmitter Modes

With the Quanum i8 we can select from three different modes. Other modes can be selected using your ground station computer.

The modes will be selected using the three position switch.


The position pushed furthest away from us (0) is FBWA mode.

The middle position (1) is RTL.

The position pulled closest to us (2) is Auto.

FBWA is our “manual” flight mode.  In this mode the user has control over the Scout surfaces and motor.  When the user does not move the sticks the drone will fly level, though it will not necessarily hold altitude.  In FBWA mode, the drone will also limit the drones pitch and roll.  Use FBWA for preflight checks as well as anytime manual control is desired.

Return-to-launch (RTL) mode commands the drone to fly back to the area where a GPS lock was first established in this power cycle.  It then circles above that point indefinitely at an altitude of 100 m.

Auto commands the drone to follow the WP that are stored on the flight controller.

After you fully understand the Flight Modes it’s time to learn how to establish a Telemetry Connection.