Scout – Telemetry Connection

In this page we are going to explain how to connect to Mission Planner wirelessly using telemetry.

To connect we will first power on the transmitter, followed by the aircraft. We will allow ten seconds or so for the aircraft to initialize. Now we will plug in the cable from your ground side telemetry system to the computer.


The FTDI cable from the RFD900+ connects to pin one.


 The 3DR telemetry systems simply connect with a MicroUSB cable.

Open Mission Planner and choose the Com Port that comes up when plugging in the telemetry (it may take a few minutes for the Com Port to show up). Set baud rate to 57600.


Now press Connect and you should have your wireless connection.

If you fail to connect, make sure you have gone through the steps properly and try again.

After establishing a Telemetry Connection we must Adjust Declination.