The IRIS+ Multirotor Mapping Drone

The Iris+ Precision Mapping Drone is a premiere, easy-to-use multirotor mapping platform. This kit comes with everything needed to fly, including RC transmitter, telemetry modems, and a battery. All you’ll need to provide is your own laptop. All components are configured, calibrated and flight tested prior to leaving the factory.

Check out a sample map made by the Iris+ Precision Mapping Drone

We saw an opportunity to take the reliable 3DR Iris and turn it into a premier mapping drone. There are three key differences:

1. Comes with your choice of a Canon S110 or an NDVI Converted Canon S110 (or both!)

2. Is pre-equipped with Intellishoot, for easy and accurately geotagged images

3. Comes with a custom fiberglass camera mount developed to keep images crisp and clear