Intellishoot L1L2 PPK Geotagging System

The Intellishoot Geotagging System, built by Event 38 and powered by the Piksi Multi, is a stand-alone unit designed to be easily integrated into any system that requires high accuracy and high reliability image positioning. The system includes a dual frequency receiver, antenna, and PPK geotagging software.

Powered by the Piksi Multi GNSS core, the device currently accepts GPS/GLONASS (L1/L2, G1/G2) frequencies and is hardware ready to add BeiDou and Galileo (B1/B2, E1/E5b) and SBAS via firmware update. To integrate with your aircraft, the device needs only power supplied between 9-32V and a 3.3V pulse from your camera. Logs are recorded automatically onto a USB stick for easy retrieval. The logs can be processed against any base station that produces raw observation files in Rinex format, including CORS and VRS stations.