Introducing the E450.

A fully autonomous fixed-wing VTOL drone with multiple power configurations and a heavier payload.

The E450 is our largest fixed-wing drone, with a fourteen-foot wingspan. The E450 can be customized with different payloads and different power configurations to match your mission.

More, larger payload options with a 15-pound carrying capacity.

The E450 can carry up to 15 pounds or 7 kilograms. This carrying capacity means your E450 can fly with a variety of payloads, including:

  • High-resolution EO/IR sensor for streaming live video.
  • Specialized hyperspectral cameras.
  • LiDAR sensors and scanners.
  • Magnetometers and other specialty sensors.
  • Goods and cargo.

We can customize the E450 to carry a specialized payload that integrates with the autopilot. We can also integrate a GPS receiver so that all your data is tagged with accurate-to-the-centimeter GPS data.


The history of the E450: Designed to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

The E450 is the result of a research partnership between Event 38 Unmanned Systems, the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN), and a university team. The partnership members collaborated to explore integrating a hydrogen fuel cell with a VTOL fixed-wing drone.

There are a few specific benefits to utilizing hydrogen power. In highly sensitive situations, the success of an effective surveillance and reconnaissance mission might rely on a stealth approach. Unmanned aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel cells are very quiet, so you can gather aerial intel without being detected. Additionally, a drone powered by a hydrogen fuel cell has better endurance than a solely battery-powered drone. 

Fuel cells have a relatively low power output compared to a battery or other power source. A fuel cell alone wouldn’t be enough to power take-off and landing. The research team developed an electrical power distribution model that integrates and balances battery and hydrogen power sources to capitalize on the benefits of both. The result is a fixed-wing drone that is primarily powered by hydrogen fuel cell, with a battery pack to power the take-off and landing sequences.

Custom fuel and power options to meet your needs.

The E450 is available now with battery power. For long endurance configurations using a gas engine or hydrogen fuel cell, please contact our sales team.

Made in the United States.

The E450 is designed by Event 38 and manufactured at our headquarters in Richfield, Ohio. Full control over the design and manufacturing process allows us to make customizations and to guarantee replacement part availability for years to come.

Next Steps

Contact us to discuss your application and payload needs. We are able to offer demonstration flights in certain cases depending on your schedule and location.