Event 38 Unmanned Systems, Inc.

Extended Warranty Program

Last update: August 31, 2016

Products covered by this Warranty:


  • E384 Fixed Wing Drone
  • E386 Fixed Wing Drone
  • Iris+ Multirotor Drone


Extended Warranty Program

Event 38, Unmanned Systems, Inc. (“Event 38”) warrants to the Purchaser (“Buyer” or “you”) that the Product and all accessories provided by Event 38 in the sales package (“Product”) are free from material defects in material and workmanship, pursuant to the following terms and conditions, when used normally and in accordance with operating instructions. This Warranty extends only to the original Purchaser of the Product for a period of one year from purchase.

What is covered?

  • Plan covers full parts and labor and shipping costs on all hardware failures, excluding Micasense, FLIR, and Parrot sensors.
  • Plan covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, but does not cover lost or stolen or any add on accessories (not included in the original box from the Event 38).
  • Fly-away is treated as lost, which will not be covered.
  • Batteries are not covered as they are considered a consumable item.
  • Customer can file unlimited claims on the Product(s), but the deductible will change after the first claim, plus there is a lifetime maximum dollar amount for claims.

What isn’t covered?

  • Coverage does not include Product that is lost or stolen.
  • If the Product that has been subjected to misuse, accident, shipping (other than original shipping from us to you) or other physical damage, improper installation, abnormal operation or handling, neglect, inundation, fire, water or other liquid intrusion; or
  • You use the Product not according to approved operating instructions and it crashes; or
  • A Product that is damaged due to a water landing
  • Product that has been damaged due to repair, alteration or modification by anyone other than an authorized service representative of Event 38.  If you modify the Product, this warranty becomes void.
  • Product whose serial numbers plates or electronic serial numbers have been removed, altered or rendered illegible.
  • Charges for training or set up, or installation or repair of any equipment or software that is not part of the Product’s feature set as shipped by us.
  • Coverage does not include Micasense, FLIR, and Parrot sensors.
  • This Warranty cannot be transferred to another person in the event that you sell the Product.

Does the Warranty protect my drone against crashes?  

Yes this is one of the key features of this program.  It covers physical damage, excessive damage, and impact damage.

How much does it cost?

We have tried to keep costs to a minimum in order to make this program useful for you. The reason we have to charge extra in some countries is due primarily to import, duty, distribution and other fees. We continue to look for ways to minimize these extra charges.

Event 38 Extended Warranty Program

Current Prices ($USD) *

E384 Fixed Wing DroneE386 Fixed Wing DroneIris+ Multi-rotor Drone
Other International LocationsUS, CA,
Other International LocationsUS, CA,
Other International Locations
One Year Warranty2$995$1,995$1,195$2,195$799$1,499
Deductible for first incident3$250$500$300$600$200$400
Deductible for subsequent incidents3,4$500$750$600$900$400$600
Maximum claim amount during warranty period5$6,000$8,000$9,999$11,000$3,000$5,000

* Notes to Pricing Chart

  1. Prices for United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil
  2. Warranty program starts on date of purchase and continues for one calendar year or until you reach the maximum claim amount payable.
  3. Deductible payment is due prior to us shipping your replacement parts
  4. After your first claim, the deductible on subsequent claims increase to this amount.
  5. You can file can file unlimited claims on the Product(s) however this is the maximum amount that we will pay for all claims. This amount is determined by adding the price of replacement parts, a standard labor charge, and shipping related costs. Once you have reached the maximum amount payable, this Warranty terminates.

When do I need to purchase the Warranty?  

You need to purchase coverage at the same time as you purchase your Product.   You cannot add Warranty coverage after your purchase.

Does the Warranty cover the camera or other sensors?  

If the camera, excluding Sony RX1R II, Micasense, FLIR and Parrot cameras, is included in the box from us, then yes, the Warranty will cover it as well.  If the camera was added on as an accessory, and wasn’t included in the original box, then unfortunately the warranty coverage would not cover your camera.  

What will Event 38 do if the Product is not free from material defects in materials and workmanship during the limited warranty period?

During the warranty period, Event 38’s authorized service representative will repair or replace, at Event 38′ option, without charge, a defective Product. If we repair this Product, we may use new or refurbished replacement parts. If we choose to replace this Product, we may replace it with a new or refurbished Product or parts of the same or similar design. Event 38 will return repaired or replacement Products to you in working condition.

Event 38 will retain defective parts, modules, or equipment. Repair or replacement of Product, at Event 38′ option, is your exclusive remedy. You should expect the repair or replacement to take approximately 30 days.

How long is the extended warranty period?

The extended warranty period for Products is ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. If we repair or replace a defective Product under the terms of this Warranty, the warranty also applies to repaired or replacement Products but does not extend the warranty period.

How do you get warranty service?

To obtain warranty service, please contact us at service@event38.com or by calling the number provided on our website for instructions. We will ask you to prepare a short incident report that includes the following information:

  • A short description of the problem, how it happened, and the date that it happened. If you have a flight log file, we will also request that from you; (We will show you how to do this).
  • The serial number of your Product
  • A picture of the damaged Product component
  • Contact information of the purchaser

If we determine that the problem is covered by this Warranty, we may resolve your problem in several ways:

  • We may send you a replacement part/component with delivery or handling charges paid by us. We may or may not ask you to return the defective part/component with delivery or handling charges prepaid. If your problem is with software, we may ask you to download patches or new versions of the software.
  • You must pay the deductible amount via credit card prior to us shipping replacement parts to you.
  • We may send you a complete new Product with delivery or handing charges paid by us and have you return the defective Product to us in the shipping packaging provided. We will ask you to provide us with a valid credit card during this process. We will charge your credit card for the amount of the replacement Product ONLY if we do not receive the defective part within 30 days of your receipt. We will notify you in advance of any charge.

If the Product failure is not covered by this Warranty, Event 38 will notify you and will request that you authorize the cost of repair prior to any further repair activity. You must pay for the cost of repair and return shipping costs for the repair of Products that are not covered by this Warranty.

What happens if Event 38 cannot repair the Product because of excessive damage, or if it’s beyond economical repair?  

If we cannot fix the Product, we will replace it.  

Will the Warranty coverage continue on to the replacement Product?  Yes

If I lost my Product, will Event 38 transfer the warranty transfer over to a new Product that I purchase?  

Unfortunately no, if a unit is lost, the Warranty coverage would be voided.  

Other limitations

This Warranty is the complete and exclusive agreement between you and Event 38. It supersedes all other written or oral communications related to this Product. Event 38 provides no other warranties for this Product. The Warranty exclusively describes all of Event 38′ responsibilities regarding the Product. There are no other express warranties. No one is authorized to make modifications to this Warranty and you should not rely on any such modification.

Limitations: Implied warranties, including those of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability (an unwritten warranty that the Product is fit for ordinary use) are limited to one year from date of purchase. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

This is not liability insurance. In the event that you have an accident and cause damage to a third party’s property, that damage is not covered. Your only remedy with us is for covered damages to your Product. Similarly, this Warranty does not cover you for any lawsuit proceedings.

In no event shall Event 38 be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or similar damages (including, but not limited to lost profits or revenue, inability to use the Product, or other associated equipment, the cost of substitute equipment, and claims by third parties) resulting from the use of this Product. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.