E384 – Frame Replacement

To assemble the E384 begin by plugging the wire of the GPS port of the 3DR GPS into the GPS port of the Pixhawk.

Next attach the mag port of the GPS to the I2C slot on the Pixhawk.

You should now have the connections as shown below.

Place the Pixhawk into the top section of the E384 onto the velcro.
Be sure to place the GPS inside the E384 so the arrow labeled “FRONT” points toward the nose of the E384.

Take the wire inside of the E384 attached to the power module cable and feed it through the square slot to the top of the E384.


Attach this wire to the power option on the Pixhawk.

Next we will be installing the RFD900 which is shown below.

Start by attaching the RFD900 to the bottom of the battery tray.

Then thread the wire on the back end of the RFD900 through the back of the fuselage and plug it into the Telem 1 slot.

Next we will be installing the Quanum Receiver which is shown below.

Attach the receiver to the velcro on the side wall of the E384.

Next thread the loose wires inside of the E384 through the rectangular opening on the E384.


Find the y splitter cable that is shown below and attach it to the Main Out 1 port on the Pixhawk.


Next Find the wire labeled 4. This wire goes into port four on the Pixhawk. If there isn’t a wire labeled “4” look inside of the plane and find the wire coming from the tail without the black heat shrink on it. This wire should be inserted into the Main Out 4 port of the Pixhawk.

If you purchased IntelliShoot with your camera you will have either of the two cables show below. attach the non-usb end into the aux out port 5 of the Pixhawk. Otherwise, ignore this step.


If your E384 has a camera mount installed take the wire from the mount and attach it to main out 7. Otherwise, ignore this step.

Now there should be one remaining wire. This wire goes to the motor. Attach this into Main Out 3 on the Pixhawk.

Finally, look for the red and black wire coming from the arming button. Attach this to the switch slot on the Pixhawk.
When installing your motor the wires should be on the bottom side of the motor.
Make sure that the motor is offset by four washers on the bottom and right side of the motor mount.

However, the left side does not use any washers.

The top hole of the motor mount does not get screwed into the E384. It is left empty.