Drone Industries and Applications.

Drone technology was first developed specifically for military use, and the applications were limited. Since those early days, countless industries have found ways to do things more efficiently by using drone technology. People are using drones to make better decisions and increase their impact in a huge variety of contexts.

When it comes to drone technology, the possibilities are endless. We continue to be amazed by the creative things our customers are doing with Event 38 drones. Learn more about the common applications for our fixed-wing drones:

Drone Service Providers.

Grow your drone service business by investing in a fixed-wing drone from Event 38. Carry more payloads, deliver data to your clients faster, and boost your revenue.

  • Cost Effective

    Reduce Operator Time and Flight Planning Overhead

  • Upgradeable

    As Your Business Grows, Add Payloads and Address New Markets

  • Easy

    Multirotor-Style Vertical Takeoff and Landing




Fortify your conservation efforts with a fixed-wing drone. You can use drones to efficiently survey land acquisitions or management projects and capture compelling images for donor communications.

Land Surveying.

A drone is far more efficient than any manual surveying techniques. Get a comprehensive look at remote areas that can’t be reached on foot, without having to pay for a helicopter.

  • Precise

    Higher Resolution DSLR Payloads

  • Accurate

    With PPK GPS Geotagged Images

  • Fast

    Groundspeed and Long Endurance Cover Hundreds of Acres per Flight



Quarries and Mining.

Improve operational efficiency at your worksite with a drone. A drone can capture precise data so you can quantify stockpiles and excavation efforts and make better business decisions.


Safer, more effective surveillance starts with a drone. Monitor important areas from afar and cover more ground with a small team. A drone can capture detailed images of a situation so you can decide how to proceed and minimize the risk of an unknown confrontation.

  • Dash

    Toward AOI at up to 45 knots

  • Loiter

    Up to 90 Minutes

  • Protect

    Observe from a Safe Standoff Distance




Investing in a drone can open up a world of possibilities for your university. You can survey remote areas for research projects and give students hands-on experience with unmanned aerial systems.

Search and Rescue.

Find missing people faster with the help of a drone. You can sweep larger areas much faster with eyes in the sky and use different cameras depending on the situation.

  • Observe

    Large Areas from Above

  • Find

    Victims in Distress

  • Geolocate

    Coordinate Response Teams

Other Industries.

As we’ve said, the possibilities are endless. If you’re thinking about another way to use an Event 38 drone, give us a call. We’d love to talk about your specific needs and discuss how one of our drones can help you improve operations and grow your reach.