Cameras – S110 CHDK

To begin setting up CHDK on your cannon SX110 we will be using two programs.

The first program is called ACID.

Step 1

Insert a SD card into your camera and press the menu button. Scroll to the tools tab and find the format option. Select the “Low Level Format” option and then select “OK”.

If you have purchased IntelliShoot please move on to step 5.

Step 2

Download and open ACID.

In order to run ACID you must have at least version 1.4 of Java SE.
Depending on your computer select a version of Java SE from the list on the page linked below.
You can download the correct version of ACID depending on your operating system from the links below.
The OSX version
The Windows version
the Ubuntu Linux version
Step 3
Take a picture with your camera and then upload it to your computer.
Click on the Browse Jpegs button and search your computer for the picture you have just uploaded.
Next click on the “Download stable CHDK” button.
This will download CHDK to the file path you have specified in the “Download Folder” box.
Step 4
Locate the file that you designated the CHDK files to be saved into.
Move the CHDK folder, DISKBOOT.BIN, and PS.FI2 files to the SD card.

Move the  E38.lua file you received from us to the Scripts folder inside your CHDK folder.Contact our support staff if you have not received the intellishoot file.  


Step 5
We will now be using the second program called EOScard.
EOScard download

Click on the CHDK raw image button
Next click once on the EOS_DEVELOP box to check it then a second time to uncheck it.

Now click save to save the settings.

Step 6
Lock the card by sliding the small switch down and then place the SD card into the camera.

Step 7
Camera Settings
Begin by turning the dial on the top right of the camera to the “P” setting.
Then turn on your camera. Set the date, time, and location.Press the FUNC. SET button then go to the AWB tab and select the Cloudy option. Press FUNC. SET a second time to leave this menu.Then press the menu button on the bottom right.
Here is a list of the settings for the SX110.

Normal Menu

  • Digital Zoom: OFF
  • AF-Point Zoom: Off
  • Servo AF: Off
  • AF-assist Beam: Off
  • MF-Point Zoom: Off
  • Safety MF: On
  • Review: Off

Tools Menu

  • Lens Retract: 0 sec.
  • Press the menu button to return to the camera home screen.

Step 8
To access the CHDK menu press the play button then the menu button.
Scroll down through the options until you see “Script (program your camera)”.
On the next menu Select the “Load script from file” option.
Then select the last option in this directory. The script will load and you will be taken to the previous menu.
Scroll down until you find the “USB Shot Control?” option and select this option. If you have purchased IntelliShoot change this option to “Intelli”.
Scroll down and select the “back” option.
Scroll down and select “CHDK Settings”
Scroll down and select “Remote Parameters”
Scroll down and check the “Enable Remote” option on.
Press the play button.

If you have purchased IntelliShoot you will receive one IntelliShoot cable with your order.
This cable is attached to the 5th aux out pin on the Pixhawk in the E384. Then threaded through the large hole in the back section of the E384.