Agriculture Drones

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Drones for Agriculture

  • Continuously monitor the health of your crops
  • Save money - Apply fertilizers & pesticides only when and where needed
  • Improve crop yields – Oversee your operations and identify problems early

Full Solution Data-Driven Farm Management

Event 38 provides complete solutions for farm management using drones, infrared cameras and powerful image analysis software. We have been building mapping drones and sensors since 2011 and have partnered with corn, soybean and wheat growers all over the world to develop a system tailored to your needs. Our agriculture packages include everything needed to collect, analyze and incorporate drone data into your management practices.

Continuously monitor the health of your crop – Detect nitrogen deficiency, disease, drought, pest infestation, high salinity, and more.
Save money – Apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides only where they are needed.
Improve crop yields – Oversee your farming operations and identify problems before they spread.
Our drones are rugged workhorses, proven in thousands of flights in the real life conditions to meet the demands of today’s data driven farmer.


Event 38 drones fly completely autonomously, covering up to 960 acres in a single flight, and land automatically. Capture all the aerial data you need at once, and see down to the leaves on every plant. Easy to use – plan a mission once and the drone remembers how to fly each field and where to land. All of our drones are built durably to withstand hundreds of flights and all-terrain landings


Our Drone Data Management System™ takes the data from your flight to produce high resolution georeferenced maps, growth statistics, and management zones based on health and elevation contours. Results can be viewed online, on mobile, shared or downloaded. DDMS™ management zones are compatible with Ag Leader SMS™ Software


Make data-driven management decisions on equipment, seeding, inputs, harvesting and day-to-day operations of your farm

E38-Field Navigator App showing NDVI map of corn at V12

Next Level Crop Scouting

Event 38 drones and sensors bring crop scouting to the next level by putting the entire field at a farmer’s fingertips. Not only does the perspective lend itself to quick analysis, it shows the larger field-scale trends that can go unseen at ground level. Our specially designed NDVI sensor collects infrared light to power crop vigor analyses like NDVI and DVI. These colorized health maps help highlight problem areas as they emerge, enabling quick action to correct operational issues.

When you spot an area of interest, use our E38-Field Navigator App that puts a map of your field on any phone or tablet and continuously pinpoints your location as you scout on the ground. Record your findings by saving notes back to the map.

Mark locations in your fields for further inspection
Follow your current location on your phone or tablet to navigate large fields

Quantify Observations

The Drone Data Management System™ provides all the tools necessary to discover and quantify good and bad aspects of your operation. We’ve built DDMS™ to be compatible with leading precision agriculture tools like Ag Leader SMS so you can use your drone for more than just taking pictures. Several apps export results that can be used to assist in making prescription maps and managing water.

See our growing list of applications that are available now:

NDVI Vegetation Health

NDVI Vegetation Health

Using infrared light and visible light, NDVI quantifies relative plant health and are an early indicator of plant stress.

Emergence Uniformity

Emergence Uniformity

See how different areas of a field perform, and receive a report containing the crop cover of each grid section.

Management Zones

Management Zones

Divides each field into sections based on plant health. Zones can be used to allocate fertilizers and soil amendments, and to avoid wasting them where they won’t make a difference.

Water Drainage Map

Water Drainage Map

Find areas of your fields where water is likely to flow and pick appropriate seed varieties and fertilizer application rates.

DVI Vegetation Health

DVI Vegetation Health

Using infrared light and visible light, DVI quantifies relative plant health and are an early indicator of plant stress. DVI often performs better than NDVI when shadows are present.

Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Model

Create centimeter-precision 3D elevation models of your farm.

Vegetation Area Index

Vegetation Area Index

Calculate the fraction of your fields covered by vegetation to track growth and compare emergence performance between different fields.

Ag Leader SMS Export

Ag Leader SMS Export

Health Management Zones, Elevation Contours, and Water Drainage Maps are compatible with SMS

Google Earth Export

Google Earth Export

Download maps of your fields in KMZ format for easy viewing and sharing with Google Maps.

Elevation Contours Map

Elevation Contours Map

Export elevation contours to see how terrain affects growth and yield.

Your Complete Solution for Agriculture

Improve yields, save money, manage operations

Everything you need for $4659

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E384 Autonomous Mapping Drone

A complete, ready to fly drone designed for rugged farm use.

E384 Drone Specifications

  • Dimensions: 190cm Wingspan, 130cm Length (75 x 51 inches)
    • Wings and body disassemble for easy transport
  • Required Area for Automatic Steep Dive Landings: 25x65m (27×71 yards)
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.6 lbs)
  • Endurance: 100 minutes flight time
  • Cruise Speed: 13m/s (29 mph)
  • Range: 70km (44 miles)
    • Map up to 960 geo-referenced acres per flight at 5.0cm/pixel resolution (390 Ha)
  • Automatic lens protection for landing
  • Complete mission planning and operations software
    • For your Windows 7, 8 or 10 laptop (not included)
    • Autonomous flight, Return-to-launch, Automated pre-flight checklists, much more
  • Operating Conditions
    • MSL Ceiling: 3,960 meters, (13,000 ft), – auto take-off tested to 3,100 meters, (10,000 ft)
    • Max sustained wind speed: 10 m/sec, (22 mph) for autonomous operation
  • Telemetry Range: 10 km (6.2 mi)

Package Includes

DroneE384 Autonomous Mapping Drone
SupportUnlimited Dedicated Support Engineer
SensorsIntellishoot-Integrated, NGB Converted 12.1MP S110 Optical Sensor
CaseFull size protective carrying and travel case included
Flight Battery Pack1 Flight Battery and Rapid Charger – 4 Cell, 8.0 Ah LiPo
WarrantyFactory Limited Warranty or
Extended Warranty
Additional Equipment RequiredWindows 7, 8, 10 PC

Imaging Sensor

The E384 agriculture package comes standard with an NGB converted Canon S120 optical sensor. The NGB conversion allows the sensor to collect both infrared and visible light (Red Edge NIR, Green and Blue bands).

The sensor utilizes Intellishoot, an automated system that ties in with the autopilot to take pictures at optimal overlap to maintain consistency and ensure adequate coverage of the area of interest. Intellishoot automatically opens and closes the hatch mount, protecting the camera during landing.

Warranty Options

A Limited Factory Warranty is included in your purchase price. Click here for complete information. Highlights include:

  • We warrant that the products we ship to you are free from defects in material and workmanship when used normally and in accordance with operating instructions.
  • This warranty extends to the original purchaser for a period of 120 days or first flight whichever comes first.
  • During the limited warranty period, Event 38 or authorized service representative will repair or replace a defective product at Event 38′s option.

An Extended Warranty that protects your E384 for one year is available for purchase. Click here for complete information. Highlights include:

  • For a period of one year, we warrant that products and accessories provided by Event 38 are free from defects in material and workmanship when used normally and in accordance with operating instructions.
  • Plan covers physical damage, including impact damage from accidental crashes, but does not cover lost or stolen items or a few other items.
  • Plan covers full parts and labor and shipping costs on all hardware failures.

Airframe Construction

The E384 is constructed from high performance expanded poly-olefin foam (EPO, not styrofoam) in a process similar to injection molding plastics. The EPO foam structure combined with reinforcing carbon rods allows the E384 to maintain its light weight, leaving more room for battery and sensor payload and still launching without the need for additional launch assistance equipment..

  • EPO foam can flex/bend without breaking. EPO foam technology allows structural flexibility to dissipate energy in tight turns and hard landings. Closed cell foam absorbs damage from obstacles rather than cracking or breaking on impact.
  • Dents and dings can be repaired by dipping the affected area in boiling water, forcing the beads to expand back to their original shape
  • EPO Foam is superior to fiberglass or carbon fiber construction because it is easily repaired with readily available tools like glue and tape
  • If the drone suffers irreparable damage, replacement of the entire airframe can cost as little as $450, and we offer factory refurbishment, calibration and testing services

Seasonal Flight Plan

Flight NumberGrowth StagePurpose
1Off SeasonBaseline Crop Height Measurement
Water Drainage Map
Topographic Map
2V2Relative Emergence Map
3V2-V5Crop Uniformity Map – Weed Quantification
4V4-V5Crop Height Map – Side Dress
Vigor Management Zones – Side Dress
5VTCrop Height
Water/Nutrient Stress
6+AnyScouting, Weed Quantification
Yield, Loss/Damage Estimation

Drone Data Management System™

One year subscription to DDMS™ Ag. Upload, store, analyze and share your data, plus get access to an ever-expanding set of image analysis apps.


The first year of processing is included with this package, subsequent use is billed yearly at $999 for each 12-month period.

Ag-Insight Apps

The following apps are available for unlimited use any time with an active DDMS™ Ag subscription:

  • NDVI
  • DVI
  • Emergence Uniformity
  • Health Management Zones
  • Water Drainage Map
  • Digital Surface Model
  • Vegetation Area Index
  • Elevation Contours Map

Export Formats

DDMS Ag™ apps export in the following formats, depending on the type of data produced by each:

  • Orthomosaic (.tiff)
  • Google Earth (.KMZ)
  • SMS Shapefile (.shp)
  • Digital Surface Model (.tiff)
  • Comma Separated Value (.csv)

Size, Storage, Upload Limits

The DDMS™ Ag package is designed to work for farms up to about 2,000 acres. Each account is limited to mapping 30,000 acres per year and sharing results with three other parties. Storage is unlimited.

Co-ops, agronomists and other service providers should contact us for options with higher limits.


Every user has access to a dedicated support engineer to assist with setting up and operating a successful drone data management plan.

Data Privacy

Your data is held privately on secure servers to which you control all access. You retain the rights to all your data and may delete it permanently at any time.

Our Event 38 drone is our workhorse fixed wing UAV. It’ll fly an optical or NDVI sensor for upwards of 70 minutes, enabling us to cover enormous areas. It is rugged, easy to work on, and well supported by Event 38.

David Kovar

Event 38 gives us an affordable and stable aerial observation and mapping platform to complement our efforts in Strip Intercropping and high resolution full season crop growth and yield data at the single row and single plant level.

Robert ReckerCEO, Cedar Valley Innovations LLC

Custom Solutions

We work with select clients to offer custom solutions tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more information.